EMKAY ENGINEERING WORKS was established in 1975 and designs, develops and manufactures industrial process equipments, chemical process equipments catering to the need of process industry.
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Hydraulic Press Brake

The FRAME is strong, robust and of welded construction. This frame is fabricated from quality steel, which is stress relieved before machining. In the LHPB 
Series the frame is floor type and mono block in construction bottom beam is welded to the main table. Crowning is provided in the removable table to compensate for deflections. Above the LHPB 300 the bottom beam is removable.

The RAM is well designed and guided accurately to ensure minimum deflection.

The GUIDING provided is fully adjustable utilizing frictionless Teflon liners as guiding surfaces, eliminating the need for frequent lubrication. The guide clearances are adjustable to ensure smooth running of the ram.


HYDRAULIC GROUP: Another unique feature of Lamba P+S Press braes is its well designed and proven hydraulic group having the following features –

  1. Mono block construction with the barest minimum of pipe fitting and valves.
  2. Use of quality seals and good surface finish on moving parts.
  3. Low noise level pump keeps noise level well below 70 dB.
  4. Provision of a built in safety valve ensures safety against overload.
  5. Provides infinitely adjustable pressure and full pressing capacity over the entire bending operation.


THE CONTROL STATION is a compact unit located conveniently to provide ease in use. All the necessary controls and optional controls are provided on this control station.

The movable foot switch provides flexibility and ease in operation. An additional foot switch is provided for returning ram at any position in the stroke.

Back gauge is provided as an optional attachment. A wide range of options for the Back Gauge are available.

    • Simple micro metric Back gauge fitted on the table with manual adjustment.
    • Back gauge fitted on uprights with front readout in either manual or motorized versions.

Versatility for Punching, Perforating, Pressing, etc.

Longer stroke length, good stripping force allows punching to be done up to 60% capacity. With full tonnage along entire stroke length, tools can be staggered to punch –perforate goes requiring combined capacity


Standard features-accessories for basic model

  • Ram travel repeatable with in ± 0.03mm for consistent bends for interchangeable output.
  • Ram travel is referenced from bed to avoid side frame deflections affecting stroke accuracy.
  • Rugged structure from ultra tested is 2062 grade B plated, rigidity conforming to international standards.
  • Facility to adjust tonnage for thin or segmented too lings or when bending special materials.
  • Front sheet supports with T-slots, in –laid scale and stops to gauge the sheet from front with clear view.
  • Most hydraulic parts rated for 310bar but working pressure only 160 bar for long life, reliable operation.
  • Pivots with permanently lubricated by central hand pump.
  • Cylinders of ultra – tested seamless honed tubes, hard chrome-plated pistons, dual seals (Teflon ring plus set of chevron picking) for extra reliability.
  • 3-speed bending cycles for faster output yet slow smooth bending with minimal shock loads.
  • Movable –control station with majority controls emergency stop, up-down foot –switch controls
  • Inch cycle mode for set – up and one – off jobs. Single cycle modes for repeat cycles, production runs.
  • Main cylinders seals can be easily replaced without requiring crane or dismantling the ram.
  • Hydraulic power gives silent working, better safety against overload instant stoppage-reversal of ram.
  • One set of Hardened standard punch,mulit-vee die block (not covered in warranty)
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